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“Then seizing him, they led him away and took him into the house of the high priest. Peter followed at a distance. And when some there had kindled a fire in the middle of the courtyard and had sat down together, Peter sat down with them.”
Luke 22:54‭-‬55 NIV

When Jesus was arrested in the garden, Peter attempted to fight physically to save himself and his master. But it did not work. Note that, he had early on said that even if it meant death, he was ready to die with the Lord.

But when Jesus was being taken away, he decided to FOLLOW AT A DISTANCE. Why, because what was going on was not child’s play. Fear and uncertainty I believe, caused Peter to follow at a distance and eventually denied his master.

I notice that, when you follow Jesus at a distance;
• Fear is likely to take control of your life.
• Your commitment to him become weak. No motivation to be committed.
• Because you are not close to the master, the temptations to do wrong things increases.
• You sit with the enemy and by the time you realise
• You have finally denied your faith.

How closely are you following the Lord Jesus Christ? How committed are you to the things of God. Some of us are more committed to social groups, families, businesses, even the church than Christ. Economic hardship is also causing some people to follow Jesus from afar. They are thinking that, serious commitment to him will hinder their interests.

Anything you love more than Christ is an idol and will affect your commitment to him. Anything you allow to keep you temporarily away from the master could eventually take you away permanently. When your commitment is weak, you become an easy target for the devil.

What in your life is preventing you from being committed to the Lord? Friend, you better deny that thing and be more serious with the Lord before whatever it is takes over your life.
Jesus said anyone who loves himself or herself more than him is not fit to be his follower.

As the song writer wrote;
“I have decided to follow Jesus
No turning back,” let us be more committed and ready to “die a little” for him. May the Lord help us all on this issue of commitment in the mighty name of Jesus.



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Recently a job opening said ‘candidate must think outside the box’ and as I thought about this and discussed it with a friend..I thought how fascinating b/c I  don’t like box’s they limit what’s possible…and God spoke to me and said—

Some people take the box life gave them…these kind of people always assume there are no other options except the one life has given them. Their small thinking keeps them in jobs, relationships and friendships that are not healthy but they exist. They don’t think anything will get better so they assume it’s just the ‘way it is’ These people can be christians…and even there prayers requests are within the framework of the box….

Some people  try to fix their box up and make it look pretty…these kind of people know they don’t like the box but instead of getting rid of it they give it a makeover. they try to cover…

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Jesus said he will never leave or forsake us. no matter what we go through he will always be with us and in the appropriate time he will rebuke the storm, “peace be still”. Your storm will definitely abate one day. Hold on!

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I was out talking to my neighbor about what I do as the praise dance leader and she asked me what denomination I was and she said…i used to be catholic and then Baptist, then agnostic and now i just don’t know what to believe.

I told her that i have no denominational preference I believe in relationship with God…i believe in his son Jesus and that he died and rose for our sins and that he came to live in our heart and that if we read his word in the Bible we’ll know him more…she started discussing all she saw wrong w/ how she grew up catholic and she said I just don’t understand how if there is a God how he allows bad things like children being hurt to happen.

I told her just as real as God is…so is Satan and I said the people who…

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